5 things about Vitality Fitness- Specialists in Fitness and Wellbeing, West Molesey, Surrey

5 things by owner of Vitality Fitness Anneliese Warnham

1.  Vitality Fitness was established in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 in West Molesey, Surrey.  It initially started with a postnatal fitness class, where mums could bring their babies and meet other local mother’s.

2.  I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Diet & Nutritional Therapist.

3. Vitality Fitness provides; 1:1 & Small Group Personal Training sessions, 1:1 & Group Pilates sessions as well as classes at Esher Rugby Club. 

4. At Vitality Fitness we pride ourselves on our client’s wellbeing not just ‘weight loss’ or ‘muscle build ‘.  How you feel and move is at the core of what we do, we like clients to feel the benefits of their sessions but walk away smiling.

5.  My client base is mainly women but we welcome men also.  We like to train any age and fitness level. As a business we are non judgmental, supporting your fitness journey at any stage.

If you would like to book a free consultation or try a class, please contact Anneliese at:  vitalityfitness1@hotmail.co.uk or check out www.instagram.com/Vitalityfitness1 or