November 15



We are Helen Thorpe and Cora Santa-Olalla, certified Holistic Baby and Infant Sleep Consultants. We work with families and their little ones from newborns up to pre-school age to help tackle sleep challenges. Whether its frequent wake ups in the night, nap resistance or bedtime battles we provide a gentle and achievable path to sleep. We are based in South West London but our service is fully virtual, so we deal with clients anywhere in the world! We love getting to know our clients and we pride ourselves on making our clients feel comfortable, confident and empowered.  


We set up Baby Sleep Society because we felt like parents are often left feeling overwhelmed and confused at the bombardment of advice about their child’s sleep. We feel passionately about breaking this advice down and providing a simple and calm approach to sleep. We have four kids between us who are best pals and enviable sleepers, and this fuelled our passion to start this business. 


We always get asked what makes us ‘holistic’. We use a multi-dimensional approach that takes every relevant area of family life into account rather than just focussing on a quick fix sleep strategy. We consider your child’s age and developmental stage, family context, siblings, home environment, parental health, community, nutrition, allergy, feeding and so much more to provide you with a sustainable (and attainable) plan for the whole family. We believe that when other contextual factors are explored, sleep can be improved gently and with a longer lasting effect. 


And the big question. Why use a sleep consultant? When you are exhausted and sleep deprived, it is often difficult to pinpoint why your little one isn’t sleeping. Sleep consultants are like sleep detectives who take away this guesswork and provide personalised advice relevant to your child and which adapts to your parenting style. We are jam-packed full of knowledge, evidence-based research and we are total geeks when it comes to the science behind sleep. 


So, what’s the closely guarded secret to good sleep? If only it were that easy! To get you started we recommend implementing a consistent bedtime routine, white noise (trust us on this one), optimising daytime naps and being calm and consistent. To find out more about what we offer please get in touch! 

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