January 10

5 Ways to Give back

Image – CC0 Licence 

The pandemic has resulted in so many people discovering their innate responsibility to help others. If you are looking to give back in some way, here are five different approaches:

Raising Money for a Cause Close to Your Heart

If you have been touched by recent events or there is a cause close to your heart, the best way you can give back is to raise money by doing something beyond your skillset. The great thing is that now you can easily raise money on social media or even via modern technology like a contactless donation box, and you may very well be surprised how many people are behind your cause.

Help Your Family

When we are looking to give back, we may think about the community but giving back can be closer to home than we realise. We have to remember that the 21st century is incredibly hectic and family members may struggle to keep a lid on everything. You can give back by helping older relatives such as your parents, aunties, and uncles, especially if they are reluctant to tell you if they are struggling in old age. The great thing is that it’s a very simple thing to do. By dropping in on a Saturday morning and mowing the lawn, doing their shopping, or tidying their home is so simple but greatly appreciated.

Tutoring a Student

Right now with schools struggling to put provisions in place for children to learn, tutoring might be the lifeline they need. If you have the ability to help somebody learn academic subjects or even life skills this will broaden their horizons. You don’t necessarily have to tutor younger students, but you can tutor people in the senior community too. There are many options.

Making and Delivering Meals

If you are looking to unleash your inner Marcus Rashford and you are a dab hand in the kitchen, making and delivering meals is a simple way to give back. The most heartbreaking thing about this is there are people all around that too proud to admit that they are going hungry. You could set up a website for families to anonymously put in a request for a food parcel. But you can also use social media to promote your efforts. A food delivery service is an amazing lifeline, especially in the current climate.


There are so many opportunities in every town and city that you can find something that fits in around your life if you are busy. This is something that you have to consider, especially when you are looking to give back but you’ve got your own life to lead. It can seem to be a balancing act. But you can volunteer any spare time to help out in the littlest of ways. Whether this is at a care home, or you can set up a social media page to collect other budding volunteers, doing something for your local community doesn’t just help you to give back, but it could very well lead to a more fulfilling life for yourself.