July 23


5 Simple Ways To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Travel

Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Some kids are real home bunnies. They love nothing more than sitting in front of their flatscreen TV and playing the latest gory first-person shooter on their Xbox. To get them outside even on the sunniest of days can seem like an impossible task. To combat this, you need to engage them with something to tear them away from their video game. The easiest way to do this is to present them with a summer holiday like no other. This can empower your children to immerse themselves into new cultures, sample new cuisine and travel to new destinations. Take a look at these five simple ways to help your child fall in love with travel.

1. Get Them Talking

Heading to a far-flung destination is exciting, especially if you are a young bod. Venturing to Vietnam, Goa or Thailand can be a thrill. However, it can quickly lose its shine if you are unable to communicate with the locals. Engage your child with travel by learning a new language together. If you are venturing to Brazil, learn Portuguese. If you are venturing to Japan, get some Japanese basics under your belt. 

Children in secondary schools learn a second language and this empowers them to register for school trips abroad allowing them to meet new people and enjoy more responsibility. By learning a new language as a family, you can travel even further afield and off the beaten track.

2. Give Them Responsibility

If you tell your child where you are going and what you will be doing, they are less likely to be engaged with the whole travel process. Ensure that you give them responsibility by giving them a couple of days of the trip to organise for the whole family. Give them a budget and allow them to organise excursions, meals out and activities. This will help them to feel more enthusiastic about hot-footing it overseas.

3. Quality Family Time

Ensure that you tell your kids that you will be able to enjoy quality family time together. This is paramount to engage your children. Even though they are seemingly addicted to their screens, they will be much happier to spend time with you doing fun activities and making memories.

4. Fly

If you are planning a trip, try and catch a flight. There’s nothing more exciting for kids then heading to the airport and setting foot on a plane. Flying is an integral part of a holiday for many. This is where your little darlings can relax, forget about their school worries, and enjoy getting away from it all. They can sleep, play games, and enjoy being with you on their far-flung adventure.

5. Multi-Stop Tour

Decide your trip overseas together as a family. If there are a range of options, you need to decide where to go together. This means that you might have to consider a multi-stop tour. This will cater for the entire family, and be more of an adventure. Taking your front-loading backpacks away for a few weeks to see the sights of China, Hong Kong and Nepal could be the trip of a lifetime. 

Many children adore travelling, but some simply aren’t that bothered. If you are keen to get away from it all, but you don’t want a miserable little one with you, engage them with travel by following these five easy steps.