5 Things to Do with Old Glasses

If you’ve just had an eye test and your prescription has changed, you’re probably wondering what to do with your old pair of glasses. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things to do with your old glasses.

Getting a new prescription means getting new glasses for most of us. Throwing your old glasses in the bin isn’t an option after you’ve spent good money, so, what exactly are you supposed to do with your old frames? Many of us are guilty of hiding them away, whether that’s at the back of our wardrobe or stuffed in a draw. We apply an out of sight, out of mind perspective.

Whether you have one or a dozen frames stacked up from over the years, we have put together a few suggestions to help you get rid of your old glasses.

1. Give them to charity or your family/friends

Did you know many charities take in old pairs of glasses? Charities kindly hand them on to those in need and pass them on to developing countries who may have limited access to eye care support. Generally, you can either drop them off to your local charity shop or even post it to them. If you aren’t sure, why not give the charity a call or stop by their local shop to ask for more information.

Alternatively, ask your family or friends who might share the same prescription. Their prescription will need to match precisely, as a slight difference can have an impact on their eyes. Otherwise, if they would just like new frames to fit their lenses in, make sure to pop the lenses out before handing them over.

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Source: 5 Things to Do with Old Glasses