Kingston Councillor Dr Sharon Young shares her 5 things to do today

Ok, so you may have decluttered your living space, used up the old paint and DIY remnants, blasted every suitable surface with the jetwasher, spruced up the garden, tried a range of online fitness ideas and even sorted out your knicker drawer, BUT what about the following, all of which will make it easier for your friends and loved ones at some point in the future…

  1. Write a will

Many of us assume we won’t need one if we don’t possess a fortune/ own a property or that we will get around to it when the time comes, but there’s no time like the present! My solicitor friend made me write one on condition of witnessing me sign the deeds of my property and along with a “letter of wishes” outlining my preferences, this is one thing I am pleased to have settled.

  1. Write a love letter

Many things go unsaid, but what would you like to tell your friends or loved ones that you value and appreciate about them? Any words of wisdom you would like to share? Use this template to write some ideas, courtesy of Dr Kathryn Mannix and share now to spread the love or store for later as comforting words after death;

  1. Organise your documents

Best saved for a dull day this one! Sorting your old documents and paperwork makes for a great mental declutter and if you can borrow a shredder, the aftermath can be used for guinea pig/ hamster/ gerbil bedding (or jigsaw puzzle for those who like a challenge).

  1. Plan your bucket list

Always good to think about things we would love to do when we’re not allowed to do them! Or when the stark reality of illness/ global pandemic encourages us to put into perspective our priorities and wishes. Be ahead of the game and plan some activities that you dream of doing, from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you’re stuck for inspiration, try watching The Bucket List (2007) with brilliant acting by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, available on Netflix.

5. Phone a friend

Call a friend or family member and let them know what you have done and where you have stored your important documents! Perhaps suggest they do the same, or make plans to work through your bucket list together… Something to look forward to is food for the soul!

Dr Sharon Young is a Kingston Councillor, founder of Death Café Kingston and holder of many other titles depending who you ask…she greatly enjoyed taking part in the brilliantly organised TEDx Kingston talks held at the Rose theatre in January 2020. You can find her talk online here: