June 19


5 bars you need to visit in Liverpool #Liverpool #Travel

5 bars you need to visit in Liverpool

A vibrant northern city full of culture and heritage, and a popular student destination with multiple open campuses close to the city centre, Liverpool has a healthy atmosphere at night, with a variety of different bars and clubs depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are five bars you should visit when going to Liverpool.

Alma de Cuba

Situated inside an 18th-century Catholic church, the Alma de Cuba bar is a popular one that stands out from the crowd with its unique, distinctive locale. With a spirited carnival vibe throughout, the bar offers an extensive cocktail menu and some great food to match. For students graduating in the summer, Alma is currently offering a free meal to celebrate, and there’s always some sort of event going on.

Peaky Blinders

Within a restored grade II building dating back to 1850 lies the Peaky Blinder’s Bar, based in a theme around the popular BBC crime drama starring Cillian Murphy. Located in Cains Brewery in the Baltic Market, one of the trendier sectors in Liverpool, the venue offers a unique experience with its 1920’s vibe and signature flat caps.

The Baltic Triangle area is not just becoming popular for its bars and social draw. Thriving tech startups and businesses are also migrating northwards, setting up shop inside the old warehouses and cultivating a hive of talent. The prospect of living away from the city centre and In this sector is also increasing in demand, which is why companies such as RW Invest are offering residency in the area going forward.

Overall, it’s clear to see why the Baltic Triangle, and Liverpool itself for that matter, is such a desirable destination.

Smuggler’s Cove

One of the most popular UK tourist destinations outside of London, the historic Albert Dock holds host to some great waterside bars and restaurants. A highlight of this area would be the Smuggler’s Cove, a pirate-themed bar and restaurant with 151 different types of rum to sample. The bar also features its own ‘Rum Room’, a secluded private hire area for parties.

F.A.C.T Liverpool

This one’s a little bit of a wildcard, as it’s not necessarily just a bar, but it can still prove a great experience and a way to soak in a bit of the city’s culture before soaking in a drink. Right beside the above-mentioned Alma de Cuba, F.A.C.T is a new media arts centre and museum that always has an interesting exhibition open to view. The multi-levelled venue features a cinema on the top floor, and a relaxed, stylish accompanying bar just below, perfect for a drink with friends.

This month, the cinema will serve as host to Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, who is showing his new film inspired by the Beatles music, Yesterday. Liverpool and the Beatles’ influence on one-another is self-evident, and so it’s a fitting location to preview the film.


Ever wanted to go to a bar that doesn’t have an advertised location and can’t be found easily? One of the more exclusive and desirable spots in Liverpool, Ex-directory will be sure to satiate that desire with its luxury afternoon tea and cocktail menu. Circular, orange upholstered booths give this venue a cool, relaxed vibe that differs from some of the more lively and busy spots, provided you can get in.