5 reasons to get an STI check #Health

There’s a lot of talk at the moment around STIs and awareness amongst UK adults. With recent series Sex Education on Netflix, there seems to be a general stigma around having conversations about sex and STIs.

Here are 5 concerning reasons you should get an STI test, according to a recent survey:

1. 58% of Brits have said they have NEVER had an STI test

2. Only 1 in 4 say they practice safe sex

3. Almost a quarter of Brits (23%) would NEVER talk to their sexual partner about their sexual history

4. 30% believe they are not at risk of STIs

5. 36% would ONLY get checked for STIs after unprotected sex if they experienced symptoms or if their partner told them they had an STI

This is quite worrying as this could be a new potential date or lover.

Medicine Direct has created a striking set of highly sharable visuals using fruit to illustrate a serious point- raising more awareness about STIs amongst all age groups, reducing the stigma and starting a conversation.

We’ve highlighted some of the most common symptoms in males and females, as well as making a point that a lot of STIs can be symptomless and the importance of regular testing.

More info can be found in this blog post.