December 20

5 Things To Consider When Renovating

Renovation is a big job and it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning an entire house remodel or you just want to update the bathroom, there are a lot of things that you should be thinking about before you even get started. Renovations are something that can make you happy – you get an entirely new project to work on and it’s going to add value to your home. It makes sense, then, that you would want to get the entire process right so that you can do the whole thing to the timescale that you want and within the budget that you have. There are some considerations, and we’ve got five of those for you here:

Repairman Doing Screw Drilling

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  • What do you want from this renovation?

Are you doing this to sell the house or do you have long-term intentions to stay in a home that looks fresher? Is the house crumbling a bit and needs some TLC before you end up sitting in the rubble? These are all valid questions, and before you start measuring up and talking to Hamilton Darcey about the party wall, you need to know what your ‘why’ is. The reason is that your renovation is going to cause disruption to your life and to your neighbours around you, so you need to know what the bigger picture will be for everyone.

If this is your forever home, you have the opportunity to make it perfect. You need your home to be somewhere that is going to keep you feeling fulfilled, emotionally and physically. And when you think about what your home can do for you, especially if it’s somewhere you plan on staying for the rest of your life, there are no limits to what you can achieve. It requires a major investment but if you want to install items that add more to your life, like a swimming pool or an exercise room, you should start to think about these things now. Companies like Kinniburgh Pool indoor swimming pools can get the ball rolling so it can be a reality very soon.

  • Assess the budget again and again.

It’s not something you are unfamiliar with, but renovation? That’s expensive. It’s not the same as buying a new couch and coffee table and hoping the room looks nice, and there’s every chance that you could be biting off way more than you can chew with this. It’s one of the reasons that people find it so hard to make good decisions about their renovations they don’t know what they can afford. Assess it over and over again until you get it right.

  • Speak to the experts – more than one!

If you are planning a large renovation you can choose to do it yourself, or you could choose to call in the professionals to give you a hand. For the bigger jobs, you may need council permission – such as tearing down walls. Planning permission is important if you don’t want to be told you have to reverse all your hard work.

  • Time it correctly.

You want to make sure your house is renovated in the correct order. So, you’d put down new flooring before adding built in cabinetry. And you’d pay for your ceilings to be changed before you add in crown moldings. These things need to be considered and timed to perfection so that you don’t end up ruining new work while other things are taking place.

  • The bigger picture

Imagine the entire thing before you start it, because there’s no use in shelling out a ton of money for the house to look amazing if it only works in your head. Speak to a designer if necessary as they can help you to imagine it properly.

Renovation is not a small job, but do it right and you won’t ever have to worry you’ve made a mistake!