December 13

5 Ways To Manage a Business On the Road 

We tend to think that all businesses have to exist in an office, either at home or through renting a space in the city. But there’s another option, too: some people’s business exists everywhere and nowhere, it’s entirely on the road, as they visit other businesses and people’s homes. This includes everything from wellness businesses to joiners and more, and makes up a sizeable percentage of the working population. There’s a reason why the roads are busy at all times of the day! There are challenges to this way of running a business, however. Below, we take a look five ways to manage this type of business.


Where You Accept Jobs

Finding clients is the easiest thing in the world; it’s finding clients that you actually want that’s the tricky part. Just because your business is mobile, that doesn’t mean you should be willing to travel to all corners of the country. The client should be based in an area that’s within easy reach of where you’re based. If they’re not, you’re just going to spend more time that you’d like in your car, which will make your business suffer – that’s time you could be spending growing your business.

Getting from A to B

Even if you are only taking on jobs that are local, you’ll want to ensure that you have no trouble getting to your place of work. The busyness of the roads can vary greatly depending on what time of day you’re travelling. While no one’s going to mind if you’re slightly late, it won’t be a good look if you’re arriving much later than anticipated because you didn’t factor in how busy the roads would be.

Everything in Working Order

Everyone would say that keeping their vehicle in full working order is important to them, but it’s more of a hope than a necessity; they don’t really need their vehicle, it just makes their life more simple. They can always take public transport to and from work. You don’t have this luxury. Because you’ll likely have a lot of equipment with you, it’s imperative that you’re taking care of your transport. That means taking the vehicle in for maintenance, and buying trailer parts in advance of when you think you might need them. If you don’t, you mind find that you go to get in your car one morning and realise you have a problem. You won’t not only have to cancel the job, but you’ll have to forfeit the income, too.

Staying Secure

You’re not always going to know the area where you’re working. As such, you can never totally be sure whether it’s a safe place to leave your vehicle or equipment, or not. The best approach is to take a defensive attitude regardless of where you are. If no-one can get into your vehicle, then you’ll be reducing your chances of having major problems.

Get Covered

Try as you might, there’s always the possibility that something could go wrong. You could be involved in an accident, for instance. Make sure you’re investing in the best car insurance that you can; you’ll be thankful for it if something goes wrong.