September 14


3 Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Customer Service

Customer service remains vitally important to customers, but can be notoriously difficult to get right. Below, we’ve provided three simple customer service-related considerations you may want to consider utilizing when seeking to improve your customer service.

1) Practice active listening

Active listening is a form of listening that helps to put customers at ease and feel that their concerns are being acknowledged – and it’s relatively easy to implement. All you need to do is listen to what a customer is saying, and occasionally say: “yes, I understand that must have been difficult” or “I am so sorry to hear you have experienced this issue”. This is far preferable to long periods of silence from the customer representative, and it helps customers to feel that their issue is being taken seriously.

2) Apologize

Sometimes, the simple answers are the most effective: even if your company has done nothing particularly wrong, or the customer’s issue is outside of your control, apologize for the customer’s negative experience – it can make a huge difference to how the customer perceives the interaction.

3) Consider the power of social media

As the infographic below demonstrates, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for customer service. By focusing your efforts on improving response times and engagement with customers via the most popular social networks, you should be able to deliver an outstanding quality of service that suits modern customer preferences.

University of Southern California