5 things to do with your kids to develop their creative thinking – from Families Online #teaching #learning #creativity

Creative thinking is one of the most important skills you can help your child develop. It’s a tool that will help them not only in their journey through childhood and the classroom, but into adulthood and the workplace.

We’ve teamed up with Explore Learning, who offer award-winning maths and English tuition, to think about ways we can inspire our children to develop their creativity through imagination and play at home.

So, creativity – what is it?

We might tend to think of it as the arts and activities such as dance and storytelling, painting and playing instruments. While it can be all of these things, it’s also so much more. There is potential for creativity in everything – science, maths, technology – anything! It is simply coming up with a new idea, looking at something in a new way, or thinking about something from another perspective. This divergent thinking inspires innovation and confidence to explore the unfamiliar, and like any other learned skill, it can be developed and improved upon.

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