5 things to do to make starting uni easier by The University of Warwick

With the excitement of starting uni soon, it’s easy to forget to organise some important stuff. Here are a few things to sort out which will save you a lot of hassle if they’re done before getting to uni

1) Sort out your finances

The two priorities are: getting a student account and organising government-funded student finance.

On campus there is a Santander & Barclays so it can be handy if you have a student account with either of these. With my Santander student account, I get a 4-year 16-25 railcard, 3% interest on credit up to £2k, and up to £1,500 interest & fee free overdraft. Incentives from other banks include: £80 amazon gift card & Amazon prime at HSBC or a 4-year National Express Coachcard at RBS/ NatWest.

The article below explains in detail what to look for when choosing a student current account:

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