5 Must Try Indian Foods by blogger Aditi Chawla

After having travelled to several countries, I realised how the representation of Indian cuisine is limited to just curries and Indian breads. Also, I believe, the common perception is that the food is spicy and drenched in oil.

Even after staying most of my life in India, I can’t claim to have tried all the foods of different regions, but here are some fairly popular foods of India, which go beyond curries that I believe are must tries. These are all vegetarian dishes; some might originally contain dairy, but none are made with eggs).


It’s a savoury dish – a crispy crepe with optional potato filling rolled into it; served with sambar (lentil curry) and chutneys. It’s a South Indian dish, but is fairly popular throughout India and now, even abroad. Also, usually one serving can get pretty filling. So finish one dosa, before ordering another dish alongside.

5 Must Try Indian Foods by blogger Aditi Chawla


This is a savoury dish made with flattened rice and some spices. Originally from West India, the dish has become quite popular in Indian households for breakfast or snack.



This is a Made with chickpea flour. It’s a savoury dish with a hint of sweetness from West India; especially popular in North India. It’s widely available at the sweet and snack shops in India.

5 Must Try Indian Foods by blogger Aditi Chawla


Literally translated as ‘finger-licking good food’, Chaat is actually a category of food that was originally street food, but now available in the best of restaurants in India and abroad. Expect fried crisps blended with a mélange of chutneys to amplify the taste. And did I mention, it’s acceptable to lick your fingers to consume every bit of this deliciousness!

5 Must Try Indian Foods by blogger Aditi Chawla


Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, I’d still recommend trying some of the Indian sweets. From the variety of flavours, textures and degrees of sweetness, I’m sure you’d find something that your taste buds would love.

5 Must Try Indian Foods by blogger Aditi Chawla

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