4 Ways To Banish Your Child’s Boredom This Summer

Sick of hearing, ‘muuuuuuuum, I’m boooooored?’ Well, you are not alone, in fact, mum, dad’s, older brothers and sisters, and grandparents all over the UK are sick of hearing that refrain from kids off of school over the summer. Luckily, you can eliminate the need to listen to this anymore with the smart tactics below.

Have a ‘what shall I do now?’ jar

This tactic is genius, and it takes just a little planning. All you need to do is grab a jar or plastic beaker and some lollipop sticks. Then take a sharpie and on each stick write an activity that is fun, and your child can do on their own without your involvement or getting you to set things up.

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Good suggestions include: build a Lego tower, do a page in your colouring book, draw a family portrait, go up two levels on your favourite game, etc.

The real key here is to set them things that they can access themselves, so if you have asked them to go colour, then they need to be able to get to the colouring book and pencils on their own. You can even incentivise them using this jar each time and offer a prize when they reach a specific number. Although remember to allow them to record this too, otherwise it will contradict the whole don’t disturb mummy goal!

Create a fun playspace in their bedroom

Next, creating a fun playspace in your child bedroom can help to banish boredom during the summer holidays. This is because it allows them a space they are in control over and can use for imaginative play.

Of course, sometimes doing this can be at odds with the rest of your home’s aesthetic, but luckily you can now get things like this kids wardrobe collection from Cuckooland that is both stylish and practical storage, Something that will ensure that they is enough space in your child’s room for them to have fun.

Set them a project

I particularly like this idea for both older and younger kids alike, although you will have to ensure that what you ask them to do is suitable for their age range.

The concept is that you ask them to create something that can be done over a long space of time, it might be a science type project, a nature table, a large painting, a booklet, or even a guide to a topic they are particularly interested in. Then whenever you hear them say they are bored, you can direct them to this project and focus their attention.

Enrol them in a class

Lastly, to beat summer boredom why not take your child to a class, group, or activity? You will find many available all over the country, so there’s bound to be something that your little one will enjoy.

For those kids with lots of energy, what about a child’s gym or exercise session like this one? Then there are music and dance classes that will allow them to explore their creative side. Alternatively, you will find lots of fun activities like trampoline parks and bounce houses pop up over the country in the summer, which can be a fantastic option when the kids have exhausted all the activities in the home.