Five Date Night Ideas for Long Term Couples 

Some couples find it hard to escape from the everyday routine and find time to reconnect and rekindle their relationship. You need to work on your marriage and make sure that you take time off work. Whether you have kids and need to arrange babysitting, or you are a young professional couple, you can take a night off every month to enjoy some quality time together. Find five date night ideas for married couples below.

Image via Brooke Winters

  1. Cooking Classes

Whether you have a favorite cuisine or it is yet to be discovered, you can go to a night cooking class together. Socialize with other couples and recreate the dishes at home after you have mastered them. While some people say that marriage is a dying tradition, you can keep the flame alive by doing things around the house and going out together more often.

2. Escape Rooms

If you want to take a break from work and stress, leave your phones at home and book yourself into an escape room experience. You can’t escape working together trying to solve the problems, and you can choose from different themes. Go for a dinner before or after the experience and be proud of breaking out and solving the challenges together.

3. Casino Games

If you’d rather order some great food and stay home, you can also challenge each other for a game of poker or your favorite console software. Create a casino themed date at home by looking for software at and decorating your living room in a retro style.

4. Wine Tasting

To find out more about each other’s taste and preferences, you can go on a wine tasting night or stay overnight at a famous wine producing area. There are great couples’ activities provided by venues, and sometimes the package will include a light dinner or all the snacks that go with the wine you are tasting. Be sure to check out voucher and coupon sites to save money, and book your taxi on time, as you are likely to drink more than the legal limit during the night.

5. Revisiting Your Old Favourite Places

Image via Colin Maynard

A great way of reminding you and your other half of what brought you together and what you appreciate in each other is revisiting the places you used to go to before you committed to your relationship. Go back to that old cinema, try bowling, and book a table at the restaurant you loved so much years ago. You can book a short break to the place you first met, check into the hotel you got married, or simply catch up with old friends.

People in a long term relationship often find it hard to come up with date night ideas. These tips will help you connect with each other again and take a break from the everyday routine. Visit new places and old ones, create a themed night, and learn to show appreciation to each other, so you can keep the flame alive.