July 13


Holding Events: The Things You Should Never Do

You never know how difficult it actually is to put on a great show, until you’re tasked with doing so. All the responsibilities fall directly in your lap and you must figure out ways to dazzle, shock, entertain and make people feel welcome. The occasion and the event are intertwined, so understanding the importance of what you’re celebrating or showcasing is paramount. There are plenty of fiascos throughout public life where people have been embarrassed to even watch the event. Guests and figures of importance have all been made to look rather silly and through no fault of their own. This leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of attendees and they will quickly let their frustrations known. But those who have laid on a cracking good show, and taken on the best qualities of an event planner, will be remembered for many decades. Just like a party popper, the tension builds and builds as there are only two reactions most people have. The loud bang and flurry of decorations and ribbons that fly everywhere is a resounding success. A hollow pop and nothing much to show is a disgraceful failure. There is a middle, and it’s a mediocre shrug or approval; but who wants to be mediocre anyway!?

Don’t overbook

You may have heard the recent scandal of TanaCon that left thousands of people angry and dismayed. Tana Mongeau is a YouTube personality with millions of subscribers. She makes shock content with a tactic called ‘clickbait’ to rope people in with titles written in capital letters. She was not a featured content creator in an event called VidCon that has been set up independently by two other YouTube creators. At this event, lots of YouTube’s best-known personalities are invited for a community gathering. Thousands of people attend every year and it’s a great way to meet your fans and secure loyalties. Since Tana was not featured last year, she decided to make her own event on the same day as VidCon this year. However, due to poor planning and incredibly amateurish mistakes, she booked a venue that could only hold 1,000 people but sold around 5,200 tickets. As you can imagine, people were left waiting in lines for hours in the hot baking sun with no refreshments being handed out. People fell ill and even got injured due to the chaos and stampeding number of people. The whole thing had to be canceled on the first day and it was due to run for another two more. The lesson here is, don’t overbook your venue!

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The little things matter

Nothing says you don’t care than the little things being nonchalant and bland. Guests will pick it up right away and their mood will immediately go down a notch. Ever been to a restaurant that at first looked nice. They had flowers on the tables and candles flickering in the evening. One day you reached out to feel the soft petals of the flower centerpiece, but all your fingers were met with was cold hard plastic. Fake flowers, low-quality napkins, and tablecloths are so tacky and lack imagination. The way you invite people to your events too could potentially bring you a supply of good fortune. You have to allow your guests to let their imagination fly. An invite is, therefore, the underrated hero of the event, as it may be the thing that gets people to come in their droves to your event. For example, if you’re planning a wedding, guests don’t know what it will look like or feel but with invitations that have Paper Themes they get a glimpse into what you’re offering. Themes like the Foiled Wreath Wedding Invitation will remind them of elegance and beauty as well as a slightly religious context. The blood red La Vie En Rose themed wedding invitations remind you of the classic love tale of Romeo and Juliet because the red roses and ribbons that adorn the outside. An invitation is a formal way of telling somebody they’re included in your event and their presence is requested. It’s respectful and even though it may be a small gesture, it immediately tells the person that they are liked and respected.

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Let the media do the talking

If you are planning an event that will see figures of office such as politicians and various institutional officials attend, don’t loosen your tongue. Most people would understand why leaks about prestigious and or secret events occur but the people who won’t will be your guests. Privacy matters and if people want to mingle and talk to other people that they may not want to be seen with in public, allow them to do so with your trust. Giving someone your full confidence as the event director means they will wish to go to one of your future events. Let the media do the talking of who is attending and what their reasons may be. Be warned, some of your guests may not even turn up if their attendance is leaked to the press. Speculating eyes and rude questions at events turn the mood sour. You also want to have a great relationship with your guests, so whatever issues they have whether it’s an altercation with another guest, a medical emergency or regretful behavior such as getting drunk and becoming belligerent, kept a secret. They need to know that you are able to be trusted with sensitive information that could ruin their professional lives.

Hosting an event is nerve-wracking, but organizing and planning are on another level. Although you may be in the background, you are the most prominent person in the success of an occasion. Pay close attention to the little details allow creative choices in your invitation style. Don’t fuss around with trying to get all eyes on your event, by speaking to the media. Leaks can increase your public image but dent your relationships with your guests. And for the love of all that is holy, do not overbook your venue trying to make out as if you are the talk of the town. Lines spilling out look great at the beginning, but when no one can get in after the first few hundred or thousand, things take a dire twist.