July 11


The Traits That Attract New Clients

A lot goes into running a business. You need to plan new projects, oversee your workers, market your business, and chase new clients. Of course, consumers don’t see the inner workings of a company; they only see the brand. That’s why you need to focus on your branding if you really want to attract new clients. And if you’re wondering why your competitors seem to be drawing the attention of the target market away from you (even though they’re selling an identical or near-identical service) then the answer is probably that they have a more powerful or reputable brand. Here are the branding traits you need to possess if you want to attract new clients.

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A great way to attract new clients is to create a professional image. Consumers like to know that they can trust a business before they part with their money. You might be running a professional operation, but you need to show that to consumers – branding matters. Even the way in which your business packages its products can have a big impact on potential clients who might be looking at your products in a store (whether it’s physical or online). You might want to consider sealable packaging if you’re selling a perishable product because consumers will want to be able to return to it on multiple occasions. That added value could make the difference between you and a brand which sells the same product in inferior packaging.

And you could include a money-back guarantee if you really want to convince customers that your business is trustworthy and confident in its abilities. Tiny details have a big impact, and professionalism is usually the thing that attracts consumers to one brand over another. Potential customers just want to see that your company is reliable and professional. As you build a reputation over the years, this will become easier to prove. In your early days, however, you have to work hard to show your worth to customers. Even a video demonstrating your products or services in action could make all the difference.


Selflessness is another important trait that your brand must possess if you want to attract new clients. You need to prove that your business cares about things beyond itself and really wants to connect to people. You could donate to charity if you really want to create a selfless brand. If consumers see that you’re willingly donating a portion of your profits to charity for no monetary gain then they’ll see that your business values more than making money. That could really help to attract new clients. People will choose you over the competition if they feel that their money is doing more than filling the pockets of a rich CEO. You could even take the eco-friendly route. Saving the planet might be good for you and everyone working for your company (it’ll save you a lot of money and resources), but it’s also good for the human race. That makes it a selfless act.


Every successful business is unique in its own way. That’s the only way to rise above the competition in a busy industry. Your brand needs to be individual if it’s going to attract new clients. You need to find some way of differentiating yourself from your rivals in order for your branding campaign to really leap out at potential customers. As mentioned above, you could take the eco-friendly route or donate to charity. You could also stand out by offering deals and discounts that put you ahead of the competition. Perhaps you could reward customers with vouchers as a token of your appreciation; that’ll definitely get clients to stick around. You could even offer discounts to customers who successfully refer your business to friends.