Make Your New Eco-Car A Smoother Ride 100%

We all know that eco-friendly cars are a lot better for the environment, but how are they compared to gas-guzzling cars when it comes to driveability and all the other factors we look for when we need to buy a new car. You know the types of things, such as safety, power, and handling. Well, you might be happy to hear that these environmentally friendly cars can stand up to even the most powerful of traditional cars.

Of course, much of this is largely down to how we use them. If you treat your eco car with plenty of care and attention, then it will be a reliable little auto. So, to make sure your car is always performing as best it can, you should remember these tips that can ensure a smoother drive.

Get It Insured

Just because your car is green doesn’t mean that it can be used uninsured. After all, the insurance will still be needed if you are ever in an accident. If you do end up in a car crash, you can always put in an insurance claim to try and get a payout that can cover any repairs and maintenance.

Skip The Gears

When you learn to drive traditional cars, you are often told not to skip the gears. Instead, you need to go up and down them in order. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to electric cars. If the outdoor conditions allow, you should skip whenever possible as it will help to reduce wear on the car’s transmission. Plus, it can be more economical as it will save on fuel.

Watch The Throttle

It’s always best to drive slightly under the speed limit as it can ensure you are driving as safely as possible. Not only does it leave you more in control of the vehicle, though, but it also reduces the car’s use of electricity. This is especially important when you are driving downhill. You should let the momentum of the slope keep you going rather than pushing the throttle. However, always keep the car in gear even if you aren’t pushing the throttle – coasting in neutral can be very dangerous as it reduces your control.

Keep On Top Of Maintenance

As with any type of car, an electric car that is well serviced will be easier and more enjoyable to drive than one that isn’t. As well as that, it will also make it a lot cheaper to run in the long run. That’s because you will be able to get issues fixed before they have the chance to develop into larger and more expensive problems.

Switch It Off When Possible

If you are ever stuck in traffic for long periods of time not moving, it’s worth switching the car off. That way, you can cut your consumption of electricity so you won’t have to top up so often.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can make your new eco-car a much smoother ride.