Interview with Doc Martin actress Caroline Catz who is about to perform in Curtains at the Rose Theatre Kingston upon Thames


Caroline Catz in rehearsal for Curtains at The Rose Theatre Kingston

5 things to do today is very grateful to Caroline Catz for taking time out of her busy rehearsal schedule for this interview.

Caroline plays Susan in the poignant family drama Curtains at the Rose Theatre from Thursday 22 February to Saturday 17 March.

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Have you performed at the Rose Theatre before? Do you know Kingston well?

I haven’t performed in the Rose or Kingston, so I don’t know it well at all.

Do you still live in Manchester? What 5 things do you like to do if in Manchester?

No, I don’t live in Manchester although a lot of my family still live there.

1. Visit old haunts like Affleck’s Palace if it’s still there! I spent a lot of my time there clothes and record shopping in my teens.

2. Piccadilly Records on Oldham Street, I shopped a lot there as a teenager too.

3 John Ryland Library. It’s a beautiful building with an incredible reading room laid out like a church with remarkable stained glass windows and mahogany chairs and tables.

4. The Gallery of Costume in Platt Hall in Platt Field Park.

5. Just generally wandering the streets trying to understand where everything’s gone! It’s almost unrecognisable. A totally different place to the beautiful but decaying old Victorian town I left in the late 80s.

Do you prefer performing live theatre or television?

I love both.

What is the most glamorous and unglamorous thing about performing in a theatre?

No glamour attached to performing in the theatre whatsoever! It’s hard work but very rewarding.

What is your most memorable television role?

Too hard to answer

Can you tell us a bit about your character Susan in Curtains?

Susan left home 25 years ago. The play opens with her mother Ida’s 86th birthday party, Susan is an unexpected surprise visitor…

What advice would you have to a school pupil what wanted to be an actress?

Keep going don’t give up, and don’t listen to the doubters.

If you sit down to relax what do you find yourself watching on television?

The Netflix menu mostly! Films and TV shows everywhere but still nothing to watch! Not really I love Watching Bobs Burgers with my kids.

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