Travel without the drama with Lintenair; Eleanor Tomlinson – IS IT A PLANE? IS IT A TRAIN? WELL, ACTUALLY…

You may have noticed a bit of buzz about a new brand called Lintenair over the past few days. Billed as the future of travel, Lintenair offers everything you would want from travel, and more. Let us tell you a little bit more about it;

City centre terminals, queue free boarding, no baggage weight restrictions and mobile ticketing are all on offer through Lintenair making journeys seamless and stress-free. Unveiled by rising British star, Eleanor Tomlinson, travel has never looked so good.

However, Lintenair isn’t quite as you expect…

You see, we have a confession to make…Lintenair is actually Trainline… Geddit?!

Lintenair is an anagram of Trainline. We wanted to talk about all the benefits of travelling by train in a way that really got people to re-evaluate what it can offer. Yes, it’s a bit tongue in cheek, but the great things Lintenair offered do already exist!

Recent research carried out by Trainline saw 38% of Brits describe ease of booking and 32% the convenience of arriving in the centre of a city as being key to the travel experience. Both of which Trainline offers with the Trainline app acting as a complete travel companion. Trainline app users can access live departure boards, real time travel updates, mobile tickets and more giving them complete control of their travel experience, and with Trainline selling tickets across 24 European countries, you can easily depart and arrive in the city centre of your choice.

Lintenair (sorry Trainline) ambassador Eleanor Tomlinson said of her involvement in the campaign:

“I genuinely do love train travel and travel by train a huge amount both professionally and personally be it to Cornwall for Poldark filming or to Yorkshire to see my family. I loved working with Trainline on the Lintenair campaign – it was a fun way to talk about a form of travel that we probably all take slightly for granted.”

A spokesperson from Trainline, Europe’s number one independent train ticket retailer and train travel app, commented: “We at Trainline are on a mission to inspire more train travel. Lintenair was a bit cheeky but by showing train travel in an unexpected way, we hope to get people to re-think their views on train travel as well as introduce the benefits of Trainline and travelling by train.

“There is a strong association with mobile when it comes to booking and managing air travel rather than trains, yet mobile tickets are available for selected journeys serving over 50% of stations on the UK network and with the Trainline app you can use your phone as your train ticket. We have seen a 120% year on year growth in app transactions and want more people to be able to make the most of mobile. So if you want city centre terminals, queue free boarding, no baggage weight restrictions and of course mobile tickets, travel Lintenair….sorry, Trainline!” 

Trainline teamed up with rising British star Eleanor Tomlinson for its Lintenair campaign to help champion mobile tickets and the Trainline app. Find out more about the campaign at