Interview with Emma Grace Arends – Peppa Pigs first Human Character

5 things interviews Southport actress Emma Grace Arends. Emma can be seen playing Daisy in Peppa Pig: My first cinema experience at cinemas across the UK.

After spending twenty minutes or so on the telephone to Emma Grace Arends I was enthused to go and watch every episode of Peppa Pig from beginning to end. As a new Dad of a 12 week old boy I might just do that. Emma plays Peppa’s friend Daisy in Peppa Pig: My first cinema experience which is currently being screened at all cinemas across the UK. Emma’s enthusiasm for this film and life, in general, is infectious. She talked passionately about her career so far and her hometown of Southport.

Emma Grace Arends stars as the first human character in the popular children’s first motion picture 'Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience'. Emma stars as Daisy, Peppa's bubbly human friend and brings the interactive cinema experience to life.

Emma Grace Arends stars as the first human character in the popular children’s first motion picture ‘Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience’. Emma stars as Daisy, Peppa’s bubbly human friend and brings the interactive cinema experience to life.

Here is a snapshot of our conversation.

Why is Peppa Pig so popular?

Children love funny noises and Peppa Pig has plenty. Parents also like Peppa Pig because the shows are set in a family environment. Peppa Pig is full of colour and the characters have real personality. Emma’s favourite character is the forever questioning Pedro the Pony.

How is Peppa Pig: My first cinema experience different to television episodes?

The film consists of nine fresh episodes which haven’t been seen before on mainstream television. My character Daisy makes the whole experience interactive. I talk directly to the audience and sing songs with the aim of getting everyone up and dancing. Daisy is the first human character to appear in Peppa Pig of which I am very proud.

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What is the best and worst thing about being an actress on stage and screen?

Best: Working with talented people and a strong creative team that have the same passion as you. I am driven and need to work with other driven people. Writers and producers can be so inspirational. People work so hard to create and make things happen which I love.

Worst: Avoiding the temptation to read reviews about yourself and productions you are in.  Technology and social media channels have made it too easy for people to comment. I aim to never read anything good or bad about myself – just like Joan Collins! 

What is advice would you give to a school pupil that wants to be on the stage and famous? 

Don’t try to be a celebrity – television these days make it look so easy and it’s not… You have to work very hard to be successful and keep on knocking on people’s door to be noticed. Peppa Pig was not an instant success, the writers had to persevere and knew themselves that it would be successful – they just had to convince other people. You also need to gain as much experience as you can in singing, acting and dancing. This way you will be as confident as you can be that you have all skills that you might need.  

How did you first get into a film for children?

I trained at Sylvia Young’s Theatre School. Right after graduation from The Arts Educational Acting School, I then was offered the role of Helen Forrester in Twopence to Cross the Mersey. After spending two seasons starring as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, I joined Peppa Pig’s Big Splash theatre tour. After this, the producers offered me a part of Daisy in the first ever Peppa Pig movie. Emma’s drive to be successful was such that she travelled to London from Southport every Saturday to attend classes at the theatre school.

Do you still go to Southport? If so what are your top five things to do?

  1. Take your dog for a walk along the vast beach.
  2. Visit Bistrot Verite in close by Birkdale. This is a fantastic french restaurant which has won several awards for excellent food.  
  3. See a show or play at Southport Little Theatre. This superb small theatre has some really good shows and I try to go when I can.
  4. Stroll around the town. Southport has changed so much with many of the shop’s people loved in the past closed but it is still beautiful to walk around. Walking down the long pier any time of the day is hard to beat.
  5. Have afternoon tea at Lilibets of Paris on Lord Street. This french  patisserie does amazing tea and scones. I also like to go to Nostalgia tea rooms for an old fashioned experience.  

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience is showing at cinemas across the UK. Make sure you go with your little one and take friends so everyone can join in the party.

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Emma Grace Arends