5 Things you’ll love about a Butchery Masterclass at Macellaio RC

Macellaio RC Union street launch Butchery Masterclasses in honour of National Butcher’s Week.


Learning about the unique Fassona beef that is favoured by the Macellaio RC kitchens, which due to the hypertrophic muscle growth among the cows, is extraordinarily low in fat and cholesterol as well as being extremely tender.


Getting an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Macellaio RC custom dry-age the meat in-house; an important process to naturally enhance flavour and tenderness.


Learning how to select your meat and the best cuts from anterior to posterior quarters in the practical part of the masterclass. The Head Butcher, with their extensive expertise, will take you through how to use your new skills in the kitchen at home.


Discovering why a particular cut is better for longer cooking times e.g. neck/shin and why others are better for quick cooking e.g. steaks. The key here is to adapt various cooking techniques specifically for every single cut, the correct timings and precision temperatures.


Tasting what you have learnt – the Macellaio RC chefs with their passion and knowledge will lead you in to 3 course set meal. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, sit back and relax in the dramatic, theatrical restaurant.