Celebrate chocolate week with Remeo Gelato Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa

The exceptionally high amount of the finest quality cocoa used for this dark chocolate flavour provides an extremely intense and rich taste.  The chocolate is hand-melted and blended with the highest quality fresh milk in a delicate and smooth texture.


Remeo Gelato is on a mission to make Brits fall in love with gelato.  Remeo is the only gelato available in the UK that is made in Italy from 100% natural ingredients.  Served in transparent jars to best preserve taste and freshness, Remeo Gelato aims to recreate the Italian artisanal Gelateria experience in a unique designer jar.


Remeo’s ethos centres around using the smallest amount of ingredients, all of the highest quality and with the absence of artificial ingredients. The result is a gelato which is 35% lower in fat and that has a reduced air content compared to regular ice creams, thanks to their slow churning method called Mantecazione verticale.


Completely natural and gluten free, the sourcing of the ingredients undergoes a strict and continuous control with high quality fresh milk from Northern Italy, Italian Espresso, Madagascan Vanilla from the Bourbon region and pistachios from Sicily to name a few.  The ingredients are not processed but only blended with fresh milk and pure raw sugar.


Designed in Italy and inspired by luxury beauty products, the Remeo Gelato jars are the result of 18 months work with a team of engineers, a Venetian artisan and former senior designer at Milanese fashion house, Etro, Marta Santambrogio.  The jars are made from innovative material that is 100% recyclable and has been engineered to reduce dispersion of flavour and to better preserve the freshness of its contents whilst withstanding temperatures of up to -18oC.  Due to their unconventional shape, each jar has to be filled by hand and individually numbered for quality control.


Remeo Gelato is shipped from Italy every week in a refrigerated van.  For this reason, they choose to partner with only select retailers who match their freshness standards.  In addition, Remeo also works with registered charity, Food For All, in London which distributes food to different groups of people, including the homeless, disadvantaged and financially challenged on a daily basis, ensuring absolutely nothing wasted.


Believing that there is no quality without authenticity, Remeo Gelato delivers a true gelato experience, proving once and for all why Gelato is not just any ice cream.


Last year, Remeo Gelato were named finalists in the Best Ice Cream category in the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2015.