Have you ever heard The Lancashire Hotpots?

  1. Have a few glasses of wine at Square Olive Italian restaurant near Hampton Court Station. They also do a fantastic cheese board. This is a modern restaurant in a brilliant location just a few minutes walk away from Hampton Court.
  2. Admire memorabilia from one of the World’s most loved detectives at The Sherlock Holmes Pub, St James, London. This pub is not far from Embankment station.
  3. If you are from Lancashire then you might like this song. The song “We Love The the North” is performed by the Lancashire hotpots and is very very funny, You can catch the hotpots on tour here
  4. Download Your Life Can Be Fantastic Too by Eva and Nik Speakman. This book is very accessible and quite a short read. Once read you will have loads of ideas to implement in your own life straight away.
  5. Write a list of all the things you have done today just before you go to bed. Go to sleep with a sense of achievement and distance yourself from your day.