March 16

Interview with award winning singer and songwriter Tally Koren

International award winning Singer Songwriter Tally Koren talks to us about London, music and her inspirations.


How hard is it for a young person to be successful in music? What advice would you give to a school pupil who wants to be famous musically?

I think for young people now a days it is  much easier  than  before as they have  got the tools of social media. The television has many talent shows and the music industry is always  looking for young new stars. My advice is to be very clear of what they want to achieve whether it’s just fame or being more artistic and to focus on their strong points.

How do you start to write a song? How do you ensure that it is unique?

Songs can come while I walk in the street in a moment of inspiration. I think inside the writer most of the time know if they have got an amazing idea or not .

How powerful is music in the world?

For me music is very powerful tool to show that we all speak the same language.

If you want a great day in London then what things do you find yourself doing?

Going for a nice meal and see good play or I enjoy Hyde park when it’s sunny outside .

Where is the best, most meaningful place you have performed?

House of Lords last week at event that I organised for international women’s day kindly hosted by Lord Eames.

Do you still become nervous when before you go on stage?

Yes sometimes .

Which artist do you admire the most at the moment?

I love Coldplay

It would seem that popular radio stations have a very limited playlist. What is the best way for new artists to break through?

Performing live .

How do you keep fit and healthy on tour? Any tips?

Watch what you eat , with no sugar and more healthy stuff that also is better for the voice . For example I won’t touch any dairy products before a performance as its not good for the voice .

What are you most proud of in your career so far and what is next?

I am proud of being on the  BBC 2 playlist with no label or budget behind me .