Scrappers Terry and Lyndsay Walker let us in on a few business tips and a few other things

Award winning Scrappers is back for a second series on BBC2 1st March 10.00 PM


Metro Salvage

Terry and Lyndsay Walker share a few thing with us.

How often are you recognised since the first series of Scrappers?

Quite a lot

How long are the film crew with you?

12hrs a day

What is the most annoying thing about allowing a film crew into your yard.

Stopped us running the business to our normal capacity,, closing gates ect.

How has Bolton changed in the last 20 years?

Bolton isn’t as close nit as it once was. Its not the same on a night out in Bolton town Centre! Apart from this Bolton hasn’t changed much.

On a day off what do you like to do in Bolton?

Go out for a meal

What single piece of advice would you give to a child at school?

Please listen and learn very important,, it’s your future and Never miss a day of school , these are the best days of your life

What do you think is next for you?

Not sure what’s next, don’t mind whatever is thrown at us.

What are your 5 top business tips for people starting out?

1. Make sure you are confident and experienced in the business you are starting

2. Always look after the customer

3. Abide by all the laws, so you get no grief

4. Take risks

5. Be happy in what you do