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How to Stop Drinking….Again

‘No one is perfect – Superman without kryptonite would be boring’

Every now and then, one of our many perfectly human imperfections will catch us out. We eat the cake, drink the beer, smoke the cigarette and what do we do?

We say to ourselves ‘What the hell’ I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. This opens the floodgates, the wheels come off and so begins a massive session.

Janet Polivy and C. Peter Herman, legends of the dieting world first brought the ‘What the hell effect’ to our attention. Their research revealed that dieters who gave in to temptation, often felt they had failed, which triggered the ‘What the hell effect’. They would then over indulge, because in their mind, this small slip up meant their diet was blown. This creates a downward spiral of overeating and feeling bad about oneself. It never helps.

These findings are mirrored wherever restraint is required, and drinkers suffer the same effects.

Many of us have a misguided belief that the only way to motivate is to use the stick of guilt. However, it is forgiveness that helps you stay on track to achieve your goals. Researchers have found time and time again, that forgiveness leads to personal accountability, whereas guilt leaves us looking for excuses.

Those who show self-compassion are excused from seeing themselves as losers. Unlike guilt where the shame of failure drives people to overindulge to escape these feelings. Those who show self-compassion are willing to take feedback and reflect on the given situation to see how they can improve.

You will slip up but remember, this is a not a failure, this is a sign that you are on the right track. If no one ever strayed from their intended path – life would be dull. Dust yourself off, give a rye smile and come back stronger.

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