5 Things To Do To Prepare for The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 by Tina Huang

In this post Rizzoli & Isles actress Tina Huang shares her 5 things to do to prepare for The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tina will be at the assembly stage August 9 – August 30 performing in Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over. 

1) Throw a fundraiser, you’re going to need the money.

2) Book your travel and lodging (see step 1).

3) Load your luggage with puppets (hope the TSA doesn’t get suspicious).

4) Figure out the difference between Whiskey and Whisky (…if any, I suggest lots of research).

5) Get your tickets to Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over @ The Assembly Stage 5 at 10:30pm! https://www.assemblyfestival.com/event/50/

We promise a good time.

Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 and Over is a collection of original fairy tales with morals and lessons for adults (ie. The Tale of the Bipolar Bear and the Codependent Eskimo), told with a mix of live actors in animal costumes and puppets. The show has played to sold-out crowds for the past five years at theatres all over Los Angeles.