In addition to voting in person join this edible poll by buying a political chocolate from Choc on Choc 

Artisan British chocolate brand, Choc on Choc, is celebrating the forthcoming election with the launch of its Political Chocolates collection, a Limited Edition range of three delicious bars, each bearing the face of either Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or Prime Minister David Cameron.


The brand is inviting Brits to vote with their stomachs and take part in an edible poll by purchasing the chocolate bar of the leader that they most want to see in Downing Street after the 7th May. Coalition-minded consumers can mix and match the politicians or select all three.


The range can be bought from the Choc on Choc website and is available in a trio of unique varieties. David Cameron’s bar is studded with blueberry pieces, Ed Miliband’s comes in a red raspberry flavour and the Nick Clegg edition is filled with chunks of honeycomb.


Choc on Choc has created its Political collection using its patented production method, which decadently layers chocolate on top of chocolate to produce intricate and life like designs. The face of each politician is emblazoned on milk Belgium chocolate bars in white and dark chocolate.


Choc on Choc Founder Flo Broughton comments: “Choc on Choc is celebrating the British election by inviting consumers to vote with their stomachs and take part in our edible poll.


“Our team of chocolatiers has created three unique bars, each bearing the face of either Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or David Cameron. Shoppers can visit our website and votewhich politician they want to see in Downing Street after the 7th May by purchasing the corresponding chocolate bar. We’ll announce the results before the election.”

The Choc On Choc Political Chocolate Bars will be availablefor a limited time only from, RRP £3.99.