5 things Helen Russell has learnt about living in Denmark – read The Year of Living Danishly

Yesterday I went to the book launch party of Helen Russell’s book – The Year of Living Danishly. Helen is a journalist and the former editor of MarieClaire.co.uk.

This book has the catchy tagline of ‘Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s happiest country’.

Here are five things that Helen has learnt in her two years of living in Denmark.

  1. Being well-lit is akin to a basic human right in Denmark.
  2. Danish toddlers are the luckiest creatures in all the world.
  3. A snake autopsy passes for a fun day out in rural Jutland.
  4. Paying an extraordinary amount of tax isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  5. Pastry and potatoes might just be the secret formula for happiness.

If you would like to read this fascinating book then you can buy it from the Amazon link here.