Learn about the Seven Ways To Enjoy Lanique

‘Lanique & Lime’

Lanique, crushed ice, fresh lime juice, quarter lime
We start with the signature drink that is Lanique & Lime. The fresh lime complements the natural aroma and taste and the lime’s bitterness works as a fantastic balance to the sweet Lanique tones.

‘Lanique & Soda’

Lanique, soda, quarter lime, on the rocks
The soda water’s slight sharpness from the gas complements the sweetness of Lanique and enhances the great natural aroma of the Attar of Rose.

‘Lanique & Bitter Lemon’

Lanique, bitter lemon, slice of lemon, on the rocks
The bitter lemon combines with Lanique to give a complex match of flavours that entertains the whole palate. This drink is perfect before or after a meal.

‘Lanique & Tonic’
Lanique, tonic, quarter lime, on the rocks.
The L&T is a great twist on the famous G&T with its beautiful aroma and unique taste – it’s the perfect pre-dinner drink.

‘Lanique Champagne’

½ shot Lanique, topped with Champagne
The magical taste of Champagne with the exotic flavour of Lanique makes for a very special drink and it’s the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

‘Lanique & Lemonade’

Lanique, lemonade, slice of lemon, on the rocks
This is one for those who love a sweet uplifting drink. The lemonade and Lanique combine to create an outstandingly refreshing beverage that’s perfect on a summer’s evening.

⅔  Lanique, ⅓  Gin, shaken over ice and served in a chilled cocktail glass
This is not a drink for the faint hearted and is a twist on the famous Vodka Martini. It must be enjoyed chilled and freshly made. The little air bubbles and flecks of ice, brought about from shaking really bring out the flavours and rich aromas in this fantastic cocktail.