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November 09

5 Pillars of Achievement in Paul McKenna’s New Book: ‘Success for Life’ published on 4th January

August 28

5 Simple Wellbeing Practices to Enhance Your Day! Written by Founder & CEO of Nutraleya, Aleya Chowdhury

n our fast-paced world, prioritizing wellbeing is crucial for a fulfilling life. Small daily practices can make a big difference. Begin your day with mindfulness, move your body, practice gratitude, stay nourished, and connect with others. As a holistic health advocate, I encourage these habits for a positive mindset and resilience. By nurturing body and mind, you pave the way for a better quality of life. Aleya Chowdhury
Nutritional Therapist
CEO of Nutraleya

September 12

5 things to do when you’re having a bad mental health day #Health #Mentalhealth

This week, postnatal depression and anxiety support charity PANDAS Foundation are running an awareness week – #PNDA18. The theme of the week is Hope, stories and support will be shared all week to provide hope to all the mums struggling with their mental health that a happy life is something they can have again. I have written […]

Are We Getting Better at Talking About Workplace Problems?

In the past, workplace problems were often ignored, and people at the bottom of the ladder just had to suck it up and deal with it when things weren’t going their way. But are things now starting to change in the right kind of way? Many people think that workplace problems are dealt with better […]

July 11

5. Adam Garcia Hosts London Tap Festival Gala Sunday 29 July 7.30pm – 11.30pm #HeadsTogether #Mentalhealth

Producers, Kane D. Ricca and Sarah Ivory are delighted to announce a Gala Performance to celebrate the final day of the London Tap Dance Intensive (LTDI), taking place at London Cabaret Club on Sunday 29 July. The event, hosted by star of stage and screen, Adam Garcia, will have performances from cast members of 42nd […]