August 27


5 Unmissable Highlights at Sticky Mango London near Tower Bridge

Indulge in an extraordinary culinary adventure at Sticky Mango London, located near the iconic Tower Bridge. Chef Peter Lloyd’s vision comes to life in this flagship restaurant, showcasing modern interpretations of South-East Asian cuisine.

Discover the 5 must-experience features that make Sticky Mango London a true gem:

1. Prime Location with Tower Bridge Views

Experience dining like never before against the backdrop of the famous Tower Bridge. Sticky Mango London’s prime location offers stunning views, creating an unforgettable ambiance for locals and tourists alike.

2. South-East Asian Culinary Delights

Savour the diverse flavours of South-East Asia through Chef Peter Lloyd’s expertly crafted menu. From Vietnamese delicacies to Indonesian spices, each dish is a journey through the region’s rich culinary heritage.

3. Live Tableside Culinary Theatre

Immerse yourself in the art of food preparation with live tableside cooking. Watch as signature dishes like Thai green papaya salad, Vietnamese Cha Ca La Vong fish, and Wagyu & Short Rib Vietnamese Pho come to life before your eyes.

4. Sensory-Infused Dining Ambiance

Step into a world of sensory delight with Sticky Mango London’s captivating interior design. The bespoke epoxy resin floor, adorned with vibrant colours inspired by South-East Asian landscapes, sets the stage for a unique dining experience. Blossom trees and orchids hanging from the ceiling create an enchanting atmosphere that complements the vibrant dishes.

5. Alfresco Dining with Tower Bridge Panorama

Relish the open-air experience on the outdoor terrace, offering breathtaking views of Tower Bridge and the London skyline. With 50 alfresco dining covers, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a meal while soaking in the beauty of the surroundings. Ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other? Book your table at Sticky Mango London now through and indulge in the flavours, sights, and sounds of South-East Asia in the heart of London. Stay tuned for more exciting news, including the upcoming launch of Sticky Mango Islington in late September 2023. Experience the magic of Sticky Mango – your gateway to the vibrant world of South-East Asian cuisine in London.