August 03


Immerse Yourself in Cognac’s Culture: Unforgettable Experiences at H么tel Chais Monnet & Spa

Indulge in the rich heritage of Cognac at H么tel Chais Monnet & Spa, where luxury and tradition meet for an unforgettable stay. 馃嵎馃尶 #CognacExperience
  1. On 3rd August 2023, H么tel Chais Monnet & Spa in Cognac, France, offers packages to fully immerse visitors in Cognac’s culture and experiences.
  2. The annual event, F锚te du Cognac, focuses on local produce, music, and the arts, providing a great opportunity to enjoy the town’s festivities.
  3. Another attraction is the La Croix Montamette Fun-Fair, boasting over 110 years of experience in perfecting attractions for all ages, including famous firework displays.
  4. For those visiting in September, the Coup De Chauffe street theatre festival floods the medieval town with extravagant sound and activity, welcoming the Autumn months.
  5. Cognac itself is known for its famous drink, vineyards, distillers, blenders, cobbled streets, traditional markets, and beautiful rivers best explored on foot or by bicycle along the towpaths. H么tel Chais Monnet & Spa serves as an ideal base, offering a luxurious stay and various amenities for guests to enjoy.