Unveiling the Untold Stories: Bernie Taupin in Conversation with Paul Gambaccini – 5 things about it.

Join us for an extraordinary live event as legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin sits down with broadcasting icon Paul Gambaccini to share the untold stories behind his phenomenal career and the creative partnership with Elton John that produced timeless hits. Prepare to be captivated by the vivid memories, encounters with music legends and notable personalities, and the exploration of Bernie’s new memoir, “Scattershot.”

  1. Celebrate Bernie Taupin’s Career: Join Bernie Taupin, one-half of the greatest creative musical partnerships of all time, for an exclusive series of live events in London, Cambridge, and Manchester. This is a rare opportunity to hear from the man behind the iconic lyrics of Elton John’s greatest hits.
  2. Memorable Moments and Phenomenal Career: Bernie Taupin will engage in a captivating conversation with broadcasting legend Paul Gambaccini, discussing standout moments from his extraordinary career. From late nights with music legends like John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra, to encounters with notable writers, painters, and eccentric personalities, Bernie will share his vivid memories and imaginings.
  3. The Untold Story: While their creative relationship has been chronicled in biopics like “Rocketman” and Elton John’s autobiography “Me,” Bernie Taupin has kept his own account of their adventures close to his chest until now. This live event will give you an exclusive glimpse into Bernie’s personal experiences and the inspirations behind his iconic lyrics.
  4. A Private Person Reveals All: Bernie Taupin is famously private, making this event even more special. He will share untold stories, offering a unique perspective on his half-century-and-counting creative relationship with Elton John. You’ll gain insights into their collaborative process and the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped their music.
  5. Explore Bernie’s New Memoir: The live events are held to celebrate the publication of Bernie Taupin’s new memoir, “Scattershot.” By attending, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into Bernie’s personal journey, explore the chapters of his life, and discover the fascinating adventures he has had along the way. Don’t miss this chance to hear Bernie’s own words and gain a deeper understanding of his creative genius. Tickets are on sale now at scattershotlive.com.

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