Introducing Mama Sood’s: Elevating Chutneys to Culinary Delights

  1. Mama Sood’s is a newly launched brand of homemade chutneys created by the mother and son team, Neetu and Paalan Sood. They aim to challenge the common belief that chutneys are only meant to accompany poppadoms, emphasizing their potential to enhance a wide range of dishes.
  2. The starting range of Mama Sood’s chutneys consists of four distinct flavors: Date & Tamarind, Apple, Tomato & Pineapple, and Chilli. Each jar is meticulously handmade by Mama herself, using fresh ingredients.
  3. The inspiration behind Mama Sood’s dates back to the 1970s in New Delhi, where Neetu Sood experimented with flavorful dishes for her family. Her passion for chutneys continued even after moving to Northern England in 1992 and starting a family, passing on to her children.
  4. The journey of launching Mama Sood’s was initiated when Paalan Sood, who had been running a marketing agency, tasted his mother’s chutneys at a post-lockdown barbecue and was amazed by their exquisite taste. He surprised his mother by creating her own brand of chutneys, believing that they were too good not to be shared with the world.
  5. For Paalan, Mama Sood’s is not just a personal endeavor but also a cultural mission. The brand aims to break the stereotype that chutneys are exclusively associated with Indian cuisine and poppadoms. Instead, they want to showcase the versatility of chutneys and their ability to elevate a variety of dishes, including British favorites. Mama Sood’s is a fusion of cultures that seeks to share the authentic tastes of their home with the entire nation.