Castle Fine Art Liverpool Celebrates Eurovision 2023 with a Special Selection of Artworks

  1. Castle Fine Art in Liverpool’s Church Alley is celebrating the city’s hosting of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine with a special selection of Eurovision-related artworks.
  2. The gallery has a range of artworks by collector’s favorite artists, including Whatshisname, Shazia, and Paul Kenton, as well as Eurovision-inspired pieces, some of which are specially commissioned.
  3. The Eurovision-inspired artworks on display at the gallery include pieces featuring Abba and Celine Dion by Nigel Humphries, a work celebrating Eurovision Pride and unity by James McQueen, and art by musicians Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan.
  4. The Bisaillon Brothers, who have also made a piece featuring Liverpool FC, have created Eurovision-inspired artworks as well as pieces featuring Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Beatles.
  5. Castle Fine Art in Liverpool’s Church Alley offers great customer service, including knowledgeable and friendly art consultants ready to talk about art and Eurovision, as well as UK and overseas delivery for purchased artworks.

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