5 things to do today by Crime Writer Marie Sutro

We are very Grateful to Marie Sutro for these excellent 5 things.

Appreciate nature

Traipsing around the mountains and splashing through rivers awakens parts of me that seem to go dormant when I am in city environments. Whether I’m at the ocean, or standing in the desert, nature always has a magical effect on me. Taking the time to get outside and enjoy nature, even if its merely inhaling the smell of fresh cut grass gives me a never-ending sense of renewal.

Indulge in A Tasty Italian Meal

While carbohydrates feature front and center in two of my favorite foods, (bread and pasta) eating Italian food never gets old to me. The ingredients and bold flavors always feel like a warm hug. Sure, you might have to schedule a good workout afterward, but it’s worth every minute on the elliptical.

B-Horror Therapy

Whenever I need a mental vacation from all the hustle and bustle of the real world I put on an old B-horror film. By old, I mean straight-up black and white. Anything made between the 1930s and 50s will fit the bill. From kitschy costumes to wacky plots lines, I love it all. By the time the credits roll, I always feel like all is right in the world.

Solving Puzzles

While I enjoy Sudoku and other types of puzzles (especially mystery books), jigsaw puzzles are my favorite! There is nothing like sitting at my dining room table and bringing order to chaos. Fitting a piece that has vexed you for half an hour bring a sense of satisfaction like no other. A small triumph, but I’m happy to take them where I can get them.

Candlelight Therapy

I adore candlelight, whether from flameless or real candles. Real wax, preferably scented, candles are my top choice. Yet I have learned to love flameless (as long as the flame doesn’t jump around too crazily). It’s all about the lazy dance of the flames that is guaranteed to put me in a Zen-like state. 

Marie Sutro