Singer-songwriter Freya Beer shares her 5 things to do today with us

  1. Drink at least 5 or more cups of tea! I find that starting the day off with a caffeinated drink always helps whilst working on music or doing some daily writing. My go to tea at the moment is M&S everyday tea, but sometimes I like to mix it up with Dorset tea. 
  2. I always aim to write at least a line or paragraph of either some lyrics or poetry. By doing this daily it seems to really help my writing skills so when I come round to writing a new song or poem, my words flow naturally and it never feels like a stressful moment searching for the right words or subject to write about.
  3. At some point during the day I always take myself out for a walk. Whether that’s to the beach or just around the streets. I’ve found it’s really important to leave your desk, take a break and breathe in some of that fresh air! By doing so can help clear your head and make room for more inspiration to arrive throughout the day.
  4. I’ve been trying to get back into yoga as it’s really good to stretch and have good posture, especially when you’re slouching over your desk all day. I’m particularly interested in transcendental meditation and finding some time to make it part of my daily routine. I read about it in David Lynch’s book ‘Catching the Big Fish’, he mentioned it helped a lot with his creative process and this has intrigued me to look into this type of meditation.
  5. Recently I’ve been doing quite a few interviews with a number of music blogs/magazines due to the recent release of my single ‘Siren’. Usually the interviews are through a zoom call which I really like because nothing beats having a physical conversation with someone especially during this pandemic. It’s also really nice to meet people who are taking an interest in your art and are very enthusiastic about it.