5 Things To Do When Your Travel Life Has Stopped by blogger Daniel Pienaar

If you are a person working in the travel industry, your day to day life changes quite drastically when worldwide travel comes to a grinding halt. If you’re someone like me who travels for work very frequently, your life gets turned upside down. Here are 5 things to do when constant travel has stopped.

Cook your own food.

You have spent months eating from street food, restaurants & hotels, now is the time to get back to the food you know, bring back the recipes from your childhood & perhaps try making some dishes you’ve had along your travels.

Unpack your suitcase.

When you’ve been travelling nonstop, your suitcase or bags never get to be fully unpacked. Now is a great time to give them a good cleaning.

Sort through the travel junk.

It is so incredibly easy to collect things from your travels – a lot of this can be junk in retrospect. With this free time, you can go through your things, enjoy the memories they might bring & throw away anything that is actually useless now.

Read Up On Your Next Destination.

Travel won’t be stopped forever & soon we’ll be out there again. Now you can pinpoint where exactly you will be going on your next trip & you can plan meticulously. This isn’t a luxury you’ll always have.

Better your documenting skills.

With our lives being busy, we often don’t get time to practice our writing skills or photography. This is unfortunate because these are the ways in which we document our journey. Use this period to improve in these areas so that when life gets back to where it was, you’ll have better refined documenting skills.

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