Belinda Bradley: 5 ways to make a difference in the world #google #BelindaBradley #TedxKingston

Every day we make 35,000 choices. Most are insignificant, yet some are bigger choices needing bigger consideration. They may have heavier consequences. They could have many outcomes. These are the ones that leave you feeling out of your depth. Sound familiar?

In 2017, I made such a choice. And it changed my life – and the lives of millions around me – immeasurably. I chose to start a petition against the tech giant Google which led  to them creating wheelchair-friendly routes on its maps. Helping make mobility easier for millions. Lots prompted me to do this, but realising I had the power to voice was the first step. Ever since, I’ve sought other ways to change in the world.

So, here are 5 ways I’ve learnt to make a difference:

1. Support others who are making their difference. Deciding that you want the world to be in a better state doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders. It’s enough just to be a helping hand. Share your friend’s campaign. Donate to that charity. Join that protest. No matter how much you can dedicate to the cause, the fact you’re trying to better the world is already an achievement. Remember, to congratulate those doing the same. We’re all on this world together after all and if you ever need a helping hand, you’ve built up a support network.

2. Educate: Because learning is a superpower. Taking the time to gain knowledge in something will mean that you are far more equipped to make a difference in the thing you are changing. Teach and share your skills. Bounce ideas off others. Learn through mistakes. Take notes from the best. All of this will equip you to make a positive impact in the world with confidence. 

3. Your outlook is AS important as the difference you’re seeking to make. Overlook the rough elements, and celebrate the life we do have. When you change your mindset, you believe in yourself, look for the good in others, which helps you focus on what’s really important. Free up that thinking space so that you can really motivate yourself when it counts. By doing this, you’re already influencing the world around you with your positive attitude.

4. Accept that sometimes you won’t get the result you wanted. But that’s okay. Things will not always go as planned, regardless of how hard you’ve worked for it. Take solace that just by existing and being you, you’re making the world a better place to live in. You’re somebody’s friend. Your unique personality is already making a difference. You’re giving back to the earth.

5. Don’t live every day worried about your choices and their consequences. Get excited about the possibilities. Find your motivation and passion. Because, when it really comes down to it, you’ve got 35,000 opportunities a day to start making a positive difference in the world. 

Belinda Bradley is a campaigner and writer hoping to inspire others with her words. She’s oversees the campaign #StayLoud which strives to unite the world’s activists and artists to call out injustices, visualise a better world and support those who are actively campaigning. Follow @stayloudcampaign. Belinda is also a TEDx speaker, and gave a talk called ‘How I Changed Google Maps’. You can hear her story here: