Blooming Hell! Camden Town Brewery welcomes spring with new citrus lager

Spring is on the horizon, so at Camden Town Brewery, we’re getting ready for balmier weather and our latest seasonal beer, Blooming Hells. This limited-edition spring lager is inspired by British Springtime; come rain, shine and bloom.

Brewed using fruity southern hemisphere hops from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, Blooming Hells is crisp and fresh with citrus and fruit-salad aromas – the perfect accompaniment to the season of Spring.

However, we wouldn’t have blooms for Blooming without British bumblebees. Over the last 80 years, bumblebee populations have decimated due to a reduction in wildflowers that they need for food and shelter. 

So, we’re doing something about it by supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Every four-pack of Blooming Hells at your local Sainsburys contains a wild flower seeded beer mat you can plant in your garden. We’re also donating 20p to the charity from