May 09


Five reasons to ditch the seaside road trip and head to London #London #Fulhambeach

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Five reasons to ditch the seaside road trip and head to London’s very own beach.

The weather may be a little crazy right now, leaving us sceptical about packing our swimming cosies and venturing to the nearest seaside destination for a little paddle in the water and some fish and chips on the pebbles. But, have no fear. London’s very own beach has now reopened as Fulham beach and it’s time for that beach party you’ve been waiting for! So, what does it have to offer?


There’s an abundance of exciting cocktails for you to try at Fulham beach, we challenged ourselves to try all of them just to make sure you knew they were good. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it. So whether you fancy a Pornstar Martini, Pimms, Aperol Spritz, strawberry daiquiri or something completely different, they will have something to suit you! A little birdy also told us that they offer bottomless Rose on Saturdays.


Is there really any way to spend your day at the beach better than chowing down on something delicious? No. Which is why Fulham Beach have provided you with a range of delicious foods for you to sink your teeth in which range from a wide array of pizzas to various sliders and mezze feasts. But be warned – the kitchen gets very busy and so make sure you get your orders in before you really need to… we ended up with no food after deliberating for too long!


Everyone knows that the beach is where people’s competitiveness really takes hold. And although this beach doesn’t offer the bog-standard volleyball or frisbee, you could take part in some friendly rivalry over a game of beer pong, crazy golf or shuffleboard!

Places to hang out with friends come rain or shine

As we’re in England and the weather typically isn’t the greatest, there are many indoor areas at Fulham Beach where you can shield yourselves from the rain whilst still having the time of your life. There are also beach huts and outside areas under canopies where you can relax. When it’s sunny you can head to the beach and walk in the sand. ACTUAL SAND. IN LONDON.

You don’t even need to leave zone 2!

Forget having to get to the train station early to buy your extortionately priced ticket to the seaside. You can just get this one on your Oyster card! If you pick a sunny day you may even feel like you’ve been on holiday!