April 26

5 Ways That Comedy Can Improve Your Life

Comedy is such a prevalent thing in the world of today, it exists in many different mediums that we are all familiar with in our daily lives. It has the capability to have so much effect on a person and the world as a whole. So what benefits can comedy really have on an individual?


Comedy induces laughter and laughing stimulates the release of endorphins which can boost the immune system. This is incredibly important when the goal is to relieve stress. In regards to laughter as the bi-product of comedy, it can contribute to the body very positively with improved circulation around the body.


Comedy can be a great way to learn about many things, whether it is important things in history or scientific facts. This is particularly true with satirical comedy shows. Due to the nature of this comedy, it is required to be somewhat culturally and periodically relevant meaning that you may learn new things about well-known events as well as current events. Comedy makes it much easier to digest this information.


Adding to the point of knowledge, comedy can be very important to understand different perceptions of certain things. Two of the most important results of this are better awareness of racism and sexism. While both of these things still exist more than we like to acknowledge, comedy told from the point of view of the oppressed party helps provide insight and a different way of thinking.


For some people, comedy may be a hobby or a career path that they want to take. As is the case with many professions and hobbies, it can become uninspiring when other issues become involved with these activities. However, just watching a sketch show or going to see your favourite comedian can help you take that step further to success by understanding how everything works for its respective medium.


There is no doubt that, like many things, comedy has a great ability to bring us together. Whether you’re buying stand up comedy tickets and seeing a show, or just watching a particular comedy TV series, you are given an opportunity to connect with individuals who enjoy something in common with you. Even if these people won’t grow to be your best friend, it is still nice to be able to have different people enjoy something similar.