March 29

5 Things to do When Travelling Long Distances

We all have our different interests, things that we enjoy doing in our spare time, but when it comes to travelling you become limited. This is a time where you may decide to change these ideas and end up trying several different activities. You need something to pass the time, but you may not be aware of the best methods to achieve it. When you get tired of listening to music or playing your games console, here are some ideas and why they are particularly viable.

1. Drawing

Drawing is something that everyone can enjoy when they commit the time to it. You may not be a great drawer, but there is definitely something therapeutic about the exercise. This can take up a lot of time, especially if you are a bit of a perfectionist.

2. Writing

Writing can be separated into many different categories, all of which are incredibly productive and can be very appreciated once you are finished. If you are a musician you could begin to write some lyrics, maybe you aspire to be a novelist or screenwriter and want to create a story. Another method can be related to work, maybe you can write down something that will benefit you in this regard. There are so many options with writing.

3. Reading

Almost considered a dying activity with advancing technologies, reading is incredibly appropriate for travelling long distances. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, it keeps the brain stimulated and can paint a picture that is like living in that respective location.

4. Play brain stimulating games

There are many games you can play when travelling, eye-spy being one of the more well-known ones. These are great for passing time and enjoying yourself, but there are ways to treat games like a healthy brain exercise too. Ideas for this include Sudokus and Crosswords. If you choose to play with someone else, then games like the alphabet game can be perfect.

5. Listen to a podcast

A brilliant alternative to listening to music, there are many podcasts that can pass a lot of time while piquing your interest. One good suggestion is How Stuff Works which has episodes that cover almost any subject and educate you while providing some level of entertainment.

Please check out the following infographic from this London coach company providing some information on the myths surrounding coach travel.