March 26

5 Best Rewarding Professions

There are many rewarding jobs in this world, and of course it all depends on the path which you choose that determines whether a job is rewarding or not. However, there are some jobs that commonly occur and that is what we will look at.


Commonly seen as a profession that needs to be done, but often lacks sufficient staff, usually due to wage problems. Being a nurse is truly incredible, you are helping people for a living. Some people may have problems, but you are able to either solve or ease them. You’re making connections with people and being able to put a smile on patients’ faces is truly rewarding. There’s even nursing agency work you could do, helping recruit and educate the nurses of the current and next generation.


There aren’t many better things you can do with your life than impart wisdom on to the younger generation. This is why being a teacher is truly amazing. You could be responsible for the next Elon Musk’s, Jeff Bezos’ and Bill Gates’ in the world. Some people need role models and being a teacher, you could easily fill those shoes.


With technology increasing quicker than we can keep up with, being an engineer allows you to be a part of the revolution. Creating something from scratch is already rewarding, but imagine it’s to the level of creating cars or spacecrafts, the possibilities are endless.


To devote your life to helping other people is to be a philanthropist. There are many ways you can pursue this but it is more commonly through charity. Philanthropists are what the world needs, people who help others without an ulterior motive.

Public Speaker

While this may step on the toes of a teacher to some extent, providing educational speeches should never be overlooked. The reason why this is different is because there is no curriculum to follow, you are able to speak on any subject in detail. This provides a lot more variety and people who appear on Ted talks are great examples of this.