March 08


5 Things That Shaped Me: Troye Sivan #Fashion 

Mention the words “Troye Sivan” to any girl, boy, or person who prefers their terminology less binary, and very likely their eyes will light up with delight. The 23-year-old South Africa-born, Australia-raised musician and occasional actor is capping off his best career run yet (sublime first album Bloom, a supporting turn in Boy Erased) with a joy packed world tour. When he whirlwinded into London last week, Sivan took a moment to discuss five key moments of influence in his life with Vogue, as he sipped tea at his hotel, the morning light glinting off his perfect porcelain skin, like the shimmering pop pixie he is.

The shimmering pop pixie shares his greatest influences

Source: 5 Things That Shaped Me: Troye Sivan