Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret at Hoxton Hall #London #Cabaret #Entertainment #HoxtonHall

Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret is an unashamed celebration of theatre and comedy, which examines the issue of flitting between the real and inauthentic self. Questions are asked of the id, the ego and the super-ego. Such as ‘Being wrong is right?’, ‘Being racist is wrong’ and ‘Urinating in the street is wrong, no?’…

Patrizia Paolini and the ‘adequately’ gorgeous girls of Jesus Paolini Park, plus guest artists of remarkable calibre make Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria cabaret a highly engaging and original experience, making it to the third year appearance at Hoxton Hall.

Past guest acts include: Franck Chickens, Chris Lynam, Paul Foot, Norman Lovett, Attila the Stockbroker, Ade Campe, with regular appearance of Julian Fox and a joyful variety of artists.

Ms Paolini’s Phantasmagoria Cabaret is not the regular ‘tits and legs cabaret’, but, rather and in addition, pushes towards ‘cock and balls’ reinventing a role for females, and any other gender, sense of fun and identity politics.

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