December 28

What Kinds Of Tasks Should You Outsource In Your Business?

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When it comes to outsourcing things in your business, you maybe don’t know where to start and what kinds of things to be outsourcing. You may also feel afraid or anxious about handing off parts of your business to someone else that you’ve been used to doing on your own for so long.

However, the thing is: if you want to grow and scale your business, then you need to be working more on the things that are actually within your zone of genius and that are also able to bring you money to your business.

Once you start outsourcing the small things like admin or even hiring someone to find UK tenders using Tussell, you start to see just how valuable your time is and you’ll want to start spending it on the right things and not giving your energy to the things you don’t enjoy and aren’t really good at.

So, how do you know what things to outsource?

Well, in this post, we’re going to give you some tips on just that very thing so that you start freeing up some of your time for the areas of your business that actually need your energy and focus.


Many business owners find that admin is something they’re not great at and don’t really enjoy, but it’s also a key business system to have in place so that your business can run smoothly and efficiently, so to make your life easier and free up some of your time during the day, then you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to take care of this stuff for you. Even with the money you pay them for this, you’ll still be making more from the work you’re doing, so you’re not losing money like you would be if you’re wasting time doing things you’re just not good at.


Again, this is another key business system that most business owners are just not good at. That’s why as soon as you can afford it, hiring a book keeper or accountant to take over this crucial area of your business should be a big priority for you.

Sales & Marketing:

In order for your business to keep growing, you need to have a solid process and system for sales and marketing, but these won’t necessarily be areas that are within your zone of genius, and if you’re trying to do them yourself, then you could actually damage your business, so it could be better to outsource them to someone who focuses on these areas.


Design, such as web and graphic design are things that are quite specific talents, so not all business owners will be good at them, but having good graphics for your brand is important, so this is definitely something you should be outsourcing as soon as you’re realistically able to.


Again, like design, this is a very specific skill that a lot of people simply don’t have, so if you want to grow your business then it’s a good idea to get a copywriter who can help you connect with your ideal clients and make more sales.